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i don't won any chacters they belong to CBS no infinment intented

Writer: rainbowscanfly
Snyopisis: Casey and Luke are room mates disgusing there bucket list oh yeah one more thing Luke is straight.
Rating: 12

Bucket List

“Done!” Luke shouted as he finished the final page of his bucket list.

“Done! Dammit!” Casey called a split second later, they crawled off the floor of there dorm room and sat on the sofa.

Casey turned to his blonde haired friend, “Ok, what's first on your list?”

Luke grinned, “My bucket list by Luke,”

“You sound 5 years old!” Casey said.

“You should read my list,” Luke raised an eyebrow.“Ok number 1. I wanna go into space!”

“Nice!” Casey nodded excitedly, “Ok mine is I wanna train a wolf! With my bare hands! Like GRR! And GRRR and RAWR”He mimed tackling a wolf and snapped his fingers, “Done. Trained.”

Luke grinned and looked at his list, “My number 2 is; Time travel,”

“No way man! Mine is built a time machine!” Casey grinned,

“Bucket list twins!” Both boys shouted in unison and high fived,

“Ok, ok, ok. My number 3, is kiss a man.” Luke grinned.

Casey stopped “What?”

“Well before I die I wanna see what it's like to kiss a guy!” Luke explained still hyper on air,

Casey had come crashing done from his hyper spell, “Are you fucking with me?”

Luke gesticulated wildly, “NO! NO! Not fuck! Just kiss see what it's like, just so I can do it and just be like yeap not for me,”

Casey just nodded and continued with his list, “Ok umm right, Yeah my number 3 is punch out a fire with my fist!”

Lukes brown eyes went wide, “How big a fire!?”

“You know!!” Casey made it sound like it was going to be epic, “....medium, small easy fire,”

“Yeah awesome” Luke nodded. “My number 4 is I just wanna see,” he got up and started punching the air like he was boxing someone, “...what it feels like...” Casey nodded “...to be held by another man” Luke seductively wrapped his arms round himself,

“Wait...What?!” Casey asked he tried to back track. “No! No no no no!

Luke still had his arms around him, “It's my bucket list”

“What was all that boxing shit?” Casey stood up,

“I just seeing it happen after fight you know, UGH!” Luke starts to playfully punch Casey, “and bowf! And we get all sweaty and hot and our shirts come off,” At his he tugged of his own shirt. “And we like sweating all over and we so knackered that we just hold each other.” Luke wrapped hand round himself again “I wanna be held.”

Casey felt really awkward he sat back on the sofa “Umm ok, mine is to meet a chick on the beach and just do her.”

“Mine is to go skinny dipping my room mate! Bucket List Twins!” Luke went to high five Casey.

“Dude! No! Not bucket list twins mine is totally different and yours is totally gay!” Casey said not returning Luke's high five.

“I don't care about seeing you naked,” Luke leaned back on the sofa, Casey glared at him he open his mouth to speak but Luke interrupted. “Girls love skinny dipping so we bring them with us if it makes you feel more comfortable or whatever,” Luke looked at his chest and pouted .

He tensed his left peck muscle, then his right, then his left again, then his right again. Casey just stared at Luke tensing his chest muscles, Left, right, left right, left, right, left again, right again.

“Will you put your shirt back on please?” Casey interrupted the awkward silent of the room,

“Ok,” Luke simply said and bent down to retrieve it from the floor.

“Is your whole list like that?” Casey asked looking at Luke's messy unreadable handwritting scrawled across his page,

“No! It's full of awesome stuff like travelling around the world and shit,”

Casey reached for his own list “Ok, ok let's skip ahead of those then!”

“Fine!” Luke looked at his first page, turned it over looked at the back, moved to his second sheet, looked at it, then turned it over moved on to his third, Casey glared at him, “Ok I got one! Number 38: Take a romantic getaway...With my room mate,”

“I'm done!” Casey quickly got off the sofa,

“No, no, no, no, no,no!!! wait!! you gotta admit that a trip would kick ass! We could go it Europe” Luke put his hands on Casey's shoulders from stopping him from leaving.

“What was all that romantic stuff?” Casey asked,

“Come on man I didn't mean it like that, We could just go” Luke started rubbing Casey's shoulders, “We could just go you know, see what happens,”

Casey flinched away “Stop it!”

“Stop what?!” Luke asked

“Stop getting gay all over bucket list night,” replied Casey

“I'm not getting gay over anything, it's just, these are things I wanna do before I die,” Luke said trying to get his room mate to understand.

“Kiss a guy?” Casey asked

“I don't wanna kiss a guy!” Luke said looking at the ceiling “I wanna kiss you” Casey turned to leave Luke caught his shoulders “Cos your the best looking guy I know and why wouldn't I wanna start at the top,”

Casey thought about it “well that's true” he muttered

“and plus the French do it all the time, it's called a French kiss” Luke said

Casey turned to look at him “what? No french kissing is kissing with tongues”

“It is?!” Luke looked surprised

“I live with a total idiot” Casey thought, “Yes! And I'm not doing it!” Casey said

“aww man” Luke looked defeated he sat on the floor with his back against the sofa “It's just one little kiss, that would be the end of it promise”

Casey folded his arms and looked at the ceiling “all right, all right you know what?! Fuck it, if it's just one kiss and everything goes back to normal...then fine!”

“Really?” Luke asked, he watched Casey get into position knelling down the other side of the coffee table, “You'd do that?!”

Casey breathed out and shook his head “Yes ok, yes I will.”

Luke knelled up to so they were facing each other, they both nodded and started to move closer and closer and closer, Casey jammed his eyes shut he couldn't believe he was about to kiss his friend, Luke kept his eye open he had to wait for the right moment to pull this off, he saw Casey face getting closer his eyes were shut, he was so close now that he could feel Casey breathe on his face,. Casey had stopped and waited for Luke to start the kiss. He could feel Luke's breathe on his face, he sensed he was so close to Luke,

“Your so gay,” Luke finally said massive grin on his face.

“Oh you dick!” Casey opened his eyes and stood up.

Luke laughed “You were actually gunna kiss me! I can't believe it was that easy!” he stood up as well

“You ruined it!” Casey said “You ruined bucket list night.”

“You were so up for it!” Luke was still laughing he couldn't believe that his trick had actually worked and Casey had fallen for it.

Casey walked out the apartment “Not cool!”


Honey! Your shoes are fine, your dress is fabulous! Go out there and knock their kickers off?!” Regina said rubbing Naomi shoulders before pushing her out on to the stage,

It was Noah’s first night dancing at this club he was amazed he had got though the auditions and now here he was in one of the best cabaret drag shows in Chicago. He was really feeling the nerves before he went on stage, lucky Regina was there to comfort him. He was out on stage in front of everyone doing complicated dance steps in his pink glittery shoes he loved every second! Ever since his dad forced him to go to a Deprogramming camp he swore to himself once he got out, he would be the best homosexual possible.

He came off stage sweating under all the glaring lights the fringe of his black wig was sticking to his forehead. he heard Regina say,

That was amazing you rocked out there!”

Thanks,” he said breathlessly,


Once the night was over, 3.00 am Regina was taking off her make-up and Reid was appearing from behind all the fake eyelashes and lipstick. Noah subtly watched him in the mirror.

are you gonna stare at me all night?” Reid said looking at Noah. Noah was surprised at his rudeness totally different to Regina’s kindness,

sorry,” Noah looked away hanging his dress in the wardrobe with the rest.

Reid honey are you ready,” Luke walked in.

“Yep” Reid grabbed his coat and bag, and took Luke's hand and headed to the stage door

Noah watched them leave as soon as Noah was alone his heart soared, he ran over to Reid’s dressing room chair and sat down it was still warm from Reid’s body heat. Noah gazed into the mirror remember the way Reid stunning blue eyes glared at him, Noah took a deep breath, breathing Reid scent, he spun around on the swivel chair

What are you doing?” Reid voice cut though Noah’s daydream, Noah stood up quickly but his knees got caught on the back of the chair his knees buckled and he fell back on the chair again

umm sorry I was...” Noah started

Spinning around on my chair? ” Reid finished Noah sentence

umm yeah” Noah was transfixed by Reid’s eyes they were blue gray but so perfect outlined by eye-liner.

“I came back for my bracelet can you pass it the one with the shells,” Reid said extending a hand.

Noah passed it to him he felt his hand brush Reid’s, little electrical charges sparked though his hand, he looked up into Reid’s face. He looked deep into his eyes he saw his long eyelashes still thick with mascara, he uncontrollably leaned forwards Reid did the same he could feel Reid’s breath on his face.

Reid!” Luke came in “Are we going?!”

Sorry, see you around kid.” Reid said to Noah.


He rushed to the changing rooms to pull on his next outfit and grab a drink. Once he was changed and ready he tried to look for his bottle of water he couldn't find it anywhere but he was sure he put it in his duffel bag before he came out today. Over the In stage speaker he heard Lucretia finish her song “I-I-I A-M-M WHAT I AM-M-M!” Noah had to admit she sounded amazing but he didn't have time to hang around he had to get to the stage to be on time for his next dance, he gave up the water bottle search for now.

He was in place ready for his next entrance Lucretia passed him,

Luke...” Noah started.

Who?” Luke interjected,

Sorry Lucretia,” Noah started again, “I thought your song was great!”

Luke just blanked him and walked off to the dressing room. Noah didn’t have any time to worry over Luke he had to be on stage, while he was on stage he started to sweat he felt dizzy he really needed a drink the world started to sway around him, his whole body felt light he knew couldn’t finish the dance without fainting so he disappeared off stage, where he collapsed he heard before he blanked he heard Reid’s Voice.

Let me though.” Reid said pushing though all the feathers and sequins to Noah. Reid was an expert in first aid, his dad ages ago dictated Reid’s life on becoming a brain surgeon so from a young age Reid was forced into every first aid class. When he came out his dad rejected him and Reid had run away to Chicago the only reason he was working at “Madame Soho, ” was because he was desperate for a job and money.

Reid put Noah into the recovery position and monitored his breathing, his breathing was regular,

Reid what’s going on,” Luke stood over them.

he’s fainted cos of dehydration does anyone have his water bottle? ” Reid asked

He was looking for it before he went on stage.” Cassandra told him.

When Noah woke up he felt pillows under his head and tried to work out what he was laying on, it was 5 chairs all put together to form a makeshift bed, he looked over and saw Reid with Reid’s clothes but Regina’s make-up.

hey sleepy head how you feeling?”

What?” Noah said his head was still spinning ,

you fainted of dehydration you’ve been out for a few hours everyone gone home and umm someone walked off with my make up wipes hence the Regina look”

There are some in my duffel bag you can us” Noah said motioning toward his bag. Reid thanked him and rummaged through the bag he found the make-up wipes and started clearing his face of makeup.

“I can't believe I fainted on my second night!”Noah said covering his face he looked at his hand expecting them to be covered in make-up but they weren't, he looked in the mirror his face was clear of all Naomi's make-up. He then noticed the packet of empty make-up wipes with Reid's name written on the packaging, he smiled no one had walked off with Reid's make-up wipes he'd used them on Noah.  

“Don’t worry about it everyone does it” Reid was talking to him “It get way to hot back stage, sorry it's all my fault.” he looked sincere

“No it's not you didn't make me faint” Noah stopped and thought about what Reid just said “oh I get it! Sorry it hot ‘cause your there.” he said embarrassed then he looked at Reid, who smiled and burst into laughter.

Reid passed Noah a plastic cup of water

We still can’t find your water bottle,” Reid said.

It’s ok” Noah took the cup from Reid, his hand were shaking he accidentally dropped it fell toward Reid who didn’t move out the way fast enough, Noah saw Reid’s muscles show up as sodden t-shirt stuck to his abdomen. Noah wasn’t thinking he traced the muscles with his fingers then pulled his hand away. “What the fuck am I doing?” Noah thought, Reid grabbed his hand pushing it against his chest so Noah could feel his heart beat it felt strong and steady.

Reid looked down and smiled, then suddenly kissed Noah it was deep and passionate Reid wasted no time exploring Noah's mouth with his tongue.

“Come on let’s take you home,” Reid smiled.


Reid's car was old smelt of cigarettes and dogs, “sorry about the smell it's gets me from A to B and that's good enough,”

As they drove they talked about music and how they ended up working at “Madame Soho's.” The turning for Noah's road was coming up.

“The turning is right here,” Noah prompted.

“No I think I know the way to my house,” Reid said

“I thought you were taking me home?”

“Noah I've been waiting ages for you to wake up, everyone else went home to bed which is where I want to be but now. And thanks to you I can't have a lay in this morning as I have to open the club, because I have the key, because the boss was bored of waiting for you to come round.”

“Ok sorry.” Noah said looking out the window, then back at Reid.

Reid looked back at him, there was a second where they looked seriously at each other, then both Noah and Reid burst into laughter. 

“What about Luke?” Noah asked when his laughter had subsided.

“What about Luke?” Reid asked back reaching over to Noah's side opening the glove compartment and pulling out a pack of cigarettes,

“Well surely he's going to be upset?”

“Why would Miss Luke Snyder be upset?” Reid asked “want one?” offering him a cigarette,

Noah shook his head, “Well I would be if my boyfriend was cheating on me.”

“Who said anything about me and Luke being boyfriends?”

“Umm” Noah was confused

“Luke and I are fuck buddies,” Reid said taking a long drag on his cigarette.

“Fuck Buddies?”

“Are you serious? You don't know what fuck buddies are?”

“I can hazard a crazy guess.” Noah said looking out the window,

“a fuck buddy is someone you have casual sex with maximum pleasure minimum bullshit... so what have you done?”


“In bed?” Reid asked taking another puff of smoke,

“Sleeping mostly,”

“aww so cute,” Reid said  “don't worry we'll get your little virgin ass laid.”

“Who said I was a virgin?” Noah asked

Reid just looked at him. “Miss Mayer I'm an excellent diagnostician trust me. I know,”

He pulled up outside his apartment block, the brick was old, the windows had been boarded some had been broken. “Queer” was graffitied across the wall.

“Yeah what can I say some people hate me, Welcome to my shit hole,”

Reid started to climb the stairs, “I live at the top up these 4 fucking flights.”

When they finally reached the top, Reid opened the door the apartment was dark.

“Hello! Sweet! Hello!” Reid called,

Noah was confused Reid walked into the darkness of the apartment; Noah heard a scamper of feet the bark made him jump.


“No his name is Zigg” Reid voice floated though the darkness, “I don't know about the name 'fuck' for a dog seems a bit I don’t know cruel?”

The lights came on lighting up the room it was surprisingly clean and very minimal. The walls were a dirty white colour the floor was wood but it hadn't been polished in a long time

“i wouldn't take your shoes you may get spinsters, as soon as have enough I am out of this dump. Isn't that right Zigg?” Reid said. “You’re very quite.”

“Sorry” Noah said then gave a small laugh why was he so nervous? The Dalmatian came over to Noah and sniffed him then turned to Reid his tail wagged.

“he likes you,” Reid said.

“I can see why you called him Zigg,” Noah said tracing the zig zag of spots on the dogs back “how did you get him?”

“he lived here before I did the owners left him poor thing” Reid sat down on the sofa beckoning Noah over with a long finger.

“so are you coming or going, or coming then going...” Reid started

“...or coming and then staying,” Noah finished “you know I watch TV too! You’re not all that Mr. Kinney”

“You’re good” Reid leaned close to him, and put his hand on Noah's cheek.

Reid's hands felt soft on his cheek he lent in and kissed Reid's lips, he felt Reid tugging at his hair, he felt Reid slowly guiding him to lay on the sofa his strong hands pushing Noah's shoulders, then he felt Reid's hand trailing down his chest over his abdomen, Reid slipped his hand into Noah's Jeans, He groped, Noah moaned feeling himself go hard, Reid reached down and slid off Noah's Jeans revealing toned legs and hard cock

“You ok?” Reid breathed “it's all your timing we have all night.”

“I want this” Noah's voice was a whisper; his heart was fluttering it felt like it was going to beat out his chest.

Reid felt it too “just try and relax ok?” he was now standing naked in front of Noah “Zigg!” Reid called Zigg bounded over Noah looked perplexed “don't worry he's not going to get involved watch this...Zigg!” Reid pointed to the pile of clothes on the floor; Zigg picked them up in his mouth and walked into the kitchen. Reid followed him and closed the door now I was just Reid and Noah alone.

“Do you wanna carry on, on the bed?” Noah asked.

“Naomi this is the bed.” Reid said slipping back onto the sofa “Now where were we?”


When Noah woke his butt ached he took a moment to remember where he was then he remembered passing out in the club, the trip to Reid's, meeting the dog. Then the best night of his life! He got up and saw Zigg sitting on the sofa next to him watching TV Noah smiled not every day he saw a dog watching telly, he went to the kitchen and found the note left by Reid

Hey Miss Mayer

Had to open the club be back as soon as possible please stay in the flat, my area is really rough I don't want anything happening to you. Don't mind Zigg watching TV it's the only way to stop him barking when I leave the flat. Reid


The phone rang Noah let it go to voice mail,

Hi you have reached the house of Reid Oliver and Regina Cox, leave your message after the tone ...” Noah heard Fraser's voice the guy in charge of Madame Soho.

“Hey Regina just a heads up Lucretia called in sick so could you and the new girl Naomi do that duet of “song on the sand.” I just realised your dropping off the keys, I'll call you on your cell bye.”

Oh my god!” Noah thought “it's my first solo and it's with Reid!” he ran over to Zigg and hugged him, the dog barked his congratulations and licked Noah face. Noah smiled “you are so like your owner,” he thought.

Noah decided to celebrate by making Reid a nice meal, he looked in the fridge and the cupboards there was very little proper food just bread, ham and cheese everything you need to make sandwiches and nothing else.

 About an hour later Noah heard some scuffles and shouts from the stair well he could hear Reid shouting, he ran down to see what was going on.  He saw Reid being cornered by three massive blokes. Noah ran down the rest of the steps to help Reid.

“Aww brought your pansy to help you!” one of the men jeered “what are the dresses for? Are you going to play dress up you little queer!”

Reid blanked Noah like he wasn't there, in Reid's arms he had two dresses a silver one and blue one they looked stunning, Noah could tell that Reid didn't care about getting punched but he didn't want the dresses to get harmed.

“There you are!” Noah started “Reid your useless! Regina and Naomi wanted those dresses ages ago. They want to try them on before the wedding!” Noah took the dresses off Reid and ran them upstairs, then he ran to the phone and to call Casey. He had an idea but he heard a “Thud” from down stairs even Zigg got up. Noah and Zigg ran down to help Reid who curled on the floor winded by a blow from one the guys.

Noah was forced into going to army camp by his dad so he knew about combat,

He elbowed the first guy in the stomach as folded over Noah expected the right hook from the second guy, Noah grabbed his arm and bent over the guy was thrown over Noah's back and slammed into the concrete of the floor. The 3rd guy was busy trying to kick Zigg off his heel who was growling and going for the guys ankles, Noah shoved him, the guy reeled backwards as he fell his head hit the banister with an ugly thud.

Noah left the 2 guys squirming in pain and 3rd out cold; he helped Reid up the stairs Zigg was right behind them.

“Fuck... fuck...FUCK! I have to get out here!” Reid was saying. “Grab a bag and start packing!”

Noah grabbed a duffel bag and started filling it with Reid's clothes; Reid opened the windows that lead to the fire escape. He then grabbed the dresses “Zigg! Come on boy!” Reid and Zigg ran the steep metal steps of the fire escape, Noah was close behind all three ran to Reid's car. Reid opened the back door “Zigg in!” the Dalmatian jump onto the back seat. Noah and Reid jumped in the front “ Zigg sit! Good boy!” Reid started the engine giving Noah the dresses. Once they were on the road they started to laugh.


“Is it broken?” Noah asked.

Reid sucked in air though his teeth he was examining his nose in the mirror at “Madame Soho's” it was the only place they could go.   

“No I think I still have a career as a male model” Reid chuckled

“Was that what you wanted to be? Growing up?” Noah asked,

“I don't really know what I wanted to be, but I knew it wasn't a brain surgeon, imagine me a brain surgeon! My father was forcing me into being a doctor taking me to loads of first aid classes forcing me to take sciences. DULL!”

“Same here my dad wanted me to join the army, I had to go to army cadets and combat class he wanted to make a real man out of me.”

“It certainly came in handy today,” Reid smiled patting Zigg on the head “and your dad talking was talking bollocks thinking the only place to make a man out of you is Army. Noah you already are a man”

Noah walked over to Reid and kissed him. “Even if you’re not a doctor, I’m sure I can convince you to play doctor!” Both guys laughed


I heard LA DA DA DA and I'm young and in love.” Noah and Reid finished staring into each other’s eyes,

“Umm that was good” Reid's voice turned husky “could we harmonise the ending?”

“Ok sure,” Noah said trying different harmony lines.

They stood in the dressing room with their dresses on; Reid went over to the mirror to transform into Regina. Luke came in and stopped in his tracks.

“Oh ok! You two are doing the song?” he seemed a little surprised.

“I thought you were sick?” Reid said,

“I was this morning but I took every legal drug under the sun and came in anyways,”

“Well maybe you should take it easy; I mean you don't want to get sicker”

“No it's ok I'm fine!”

“No! ...” Reid started. Luke glared at him then at Noah, who looked at the floor.

“I see what's going on” Luke said quietly.

“Luke it's not like that” Reid said.

“That’s exactly what it's like!” he looked at Noah again, “you know what Reid I really don't care! After all were just fuck buddies, 100% sex 0% bull shit! Or that what I thought you could at least of told me it was over!”

“Ok fine! Noah my new fuck buddy. Happy?” Reid said staring at Luke.

Luke just turned and walked out the dressing room.

“I'm sorry” Noah said,

“It’s fine we both knew the arrangement and I was going to tell him but I mean when have I had the time today,” Reid went back to doing his make-up.


“Have you seen Lucretia her solo is next?” Regina asked Naomi.

“No I haven't seen him since our little tiff this afternoon, I'll go find him” Noah offered.

Noah went to the dressing room above the noise of the stage, he could hear thudding and panting and whispered tones of sex coming from the bathroom in the dressing room.

“Oh yes... Casey right there, UGH!” Noah could hear Luke moaning, Noah smiled.

“Where's Luke?”Reid asked,

“He's fine” Noah smiled raising his eyebrow

“I see” Reid smiled back “who's the lucky gal?”

“Cassandra. Do you want to do his solo or shall I?” Noah asked.

“It's all yours. Belt for all your worth!”

Let's hear it for the boy ended and all the ensemble came running off in a flurry of cowboy hats and glitter, Then Noah was on he stood centre stage in the black out and waited for the loud chord to play and the single spot to come on illuminating him in a silhouette

“I am what I am” Noah sang “I am my own Special creation” he sang out to a silent crowd listening in to every word he sang “So come take a look gave me the hook or the ovation” with that a patter of applause when though the audience and a few whoops of support. “It's my world that I want to have a little pride in. My world and it's not a place I have to hide in.” He thought of telling this to his dad and Noah's defiance shone though Naomi's performance. “Life's not worth a damn till you can say Hey World I am what I am!” Noah sang out as the music picked up.

Reid looked on from the wings totally transfixed by Noah's performance, he started to sing along with Noah “I am what I am I don't want praise I don't want pity” Reid carried on staring at Naomi in his jet black heels matching his jet black shoulder length wig, the sliver dress glistened on stage under lights it sparkled it was as beautiful as the man wearing it.

“I bang my own drum some think it's noise I think it pretty and so what?! If I love each feather and spangle! Why not try to see things from a different angle!” Reid smiled as the thought of all the people who had hurt him over the years and he imagined singing this song in their faces “Your life is a sham till you can shout out loud! I am what I am!”

Back on stage Naomi was in full swing loving every minute of holding her audience. All eyes were on her “I am what I am, and what I am needs no excuses, I deal my own deck! Sometimes the ace sometimes the deduces! There's one life and there's no return and no deposit, one life so it's time to open up your closet!” Noah looked into the wings saw Reid eyes glisten with tears Noah belted for all he was worth.“Life's not worth a damn till you can say HEY WORLD I AM WHAT I AM!”